Mailing List/Contact

Email list: If you’d like to join our email list to receive information about upcoming house concerts, send a note to: info AT woodhouseconcerts DOT com …we’ll reply with a brief confirmation email and you’ll be set up to receive info about upcoming house concerts.

Artist Inquiries: We are not actively seeking artists to play at our house concerts at this time. We only host about ten of these shows a year, and we typically contact artists from a “wish list” we’ve been pursuing for some time. If you care to send a note, we try to reply to all inquiries, but honestly, it’s not likely to result in booking a show here.

We almost always reply to all email we receive, but we’ve found that certain spam filters keep our replies from reaching the recipient’s inbox. If you don’t get an email reply within a day or two after sending an inquiry, please re-send your message with a phone number and we’ll contact you directly.

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